Can Drinking Wine Help Burn Fats Faster?

It was widely debatable whether drinking wine could help you burn fats faster or not. Here is the fact, it can! Wine is made up from grapes. The skin of grapes is known to contain Resveratrol. The Resveratrol substance helps in fat burning. The more resveratrol the faster the fat is burned. Red wine is known to relatively burn fat faster than white due to the higher percentage of Resveratrol in it.

How does the Resveratrol work?

The Resveratrol is a type of polyphenol micronutrient which converts white fat into beige fat. The white fat are large cells that store energy and get bigger as a person gains weight. As for the beige fats, they are obesity-fighting fat that can be easily burned or lost. With the Resveratrol doing its magical conversion, fats get burned faster. The Resveratrol is also known to prevent any errors or slow downs in your metabolic rate. Another fact is that our fat cells produce adiponectin, which helps a person lose fat through improving the body’s insulin sensitivity. According to studies done by the Purdue University, Resveratrol acts on this adiponectin produced, and even block immature fat cells and prevent the existing ones from developing. So basically, the resveratrol improves the insulin rate which will help a person lose weight faster than before.

Drink wine for faster fat burning.

There are several fat burning substances that promotes weight loss. Check out for fat burning supplements. Other than the fat burning supplements, there is wine. There were several studies done to determine the level of effectiveness of this issue.


  1. Harvard University

In a study conducted by Harvard university on 20,000 women, it was revealed that the women who were drinking wine had a reduced risk of becoming obese by a 70%. The also knew that drinking wine not only helped them burn fats faster, but also helped in slowing down the rate of their weight gain.


  1. Washington State University

According to Washington State University, two glasses of wine before bed will not only prevent you gaining weight, but also help you promote weight loss and burn fats faster.


Exercising and drinking wine, the effective combo

As previously mentioned and illustrated, drinking wine enhances your rate of metabolism.  If you exercise regularly or hit the gym, your metabolism rate will increase allowing you to burn fats faster and better. The fact that Resveratrol is there will help preventing your metabolic rate from declining even if you do not exercise as much due to any circumstances.


Wine up for faster fat burning

Many people like to keep a bottle of wine by their bed. Not saying that this is completely right. We have established by now through researches and studies done that drinking two glasses of wine will help enhance your metabolic rate making you lose fats faster. Be aware that some of the beneficial Resveratrol nutrients might get lost during the process of wine filtration, so make sure you get a good bottle of wine to help you start burning fats faster.


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