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Korean beauty brands and products you should know


Korean beauty brands and products you should know

It was around 2013, when the trend of using Korean beauty products started blowing up. Back then, there weren’t as many Korean brands in the market as you see now, but the few that were there made quite the mark in the heart of the users. Thankfully, those days are left far behind, and the top-notch brands from Korea are now easily available from any reliable online store.

So, what are the Korean beauty brands that are worth your money? Before you click here to find Korean beauty brands, read about the six top brands from the country and their most sought-after products that deserve your attention.

The Face Shop

The Face Shop is a pretty popular brand both in Korea and outside. One of the reasons behind this popularity is the fact that they try to keep their products as natural as possible, even while keeping them inexpensive.

One of their most sought after products is the BB cream, which is an all-in-one cream that works as a primer, moisturizer, concealer, sunscreen, and foundation. The Therapy range, which mainly deals with anti-aging products, is equally popular.

Etude House

Etude House enjoys the most popularity among the women in their twenties or late teens. The packaging of their products is super cute and has kind of a princess-y vibe to it. Their product range is pretty extensive, with lip glosses, lip tints, base makeup, and more in their collection.

You should definitely try their Liquid Lips range, which has liquid lipsticks in fun and vibrant colors. The Play 101 Stick is another cool product they have which multitasks as a cheek and lip tint and a highlighter.


The sheet masks from Innisfree are already pretty famous all over the world, but there is more to the brand than just that. This brand, based on Jeju Island in South Korea, focuses mainly on plant-based ingredients in delivering their skincare and beauty products.

In terms of products, go for their nail cuticle oil if you are suffering from brittle or flaky nails. If you have really oily skin, then you would love their No-sebum Mineral Powder, which not just controls the oiliness of your face, but even helps the oily scalp!

Dr. Jart

Dr. Jart is one of the first brands from Korea that was curated by Sephora a couple of years back. The line was created by Dr. SungJae Jung, an experienced dermatologist from Korea, who launched the products in 2004. The best part about this line is that it caters to all skin types, though its main focus is on anti-aging formulations.

It is suggested that you incorporate Dr. Jart in your daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine. The cleanser and toner from the brand are really gentle on the skin, while leaving it clean and spotless.


When you think of inexpensive beauty brands from Korea, Missha is the name that comes to mind. The brand that was launched back in 2000 has gone strength to strength since then by offering quality products at a fraction of price compared to the other top brands of the world.

You will have to try the Rolling Heart Blusher from the brand that actually look like cute little hearts but packs in quite a lot in terms of color payoff. Their eye products like the eye shadow palette and the mascara are also commendable.


A’PIEU is known for using gentle ingredients for creating affordable and effective beauty products. Their product range is pretty wide, and even apart from makeup products, they have a whole skincare range and tools like brushes, mascara combs, and more.

So, the products to watch out for from this Korean brand are the eye glitter, which is a great product if you want a quick eye shadow fix, and the highly pigmented Lip Therapy lipsticks. Give their eye mask a try too to reduce under eye bags.

Wrapping up

It’s time to give these a go and see the wonders these can do to your skin. One thing is for sure that after you try these brands, you’ll admit that the Korean beauty products are totally worth the hype.


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