Are You Ready to Take Microsoft AZ-304 Test and Use Practice Tests to Get High Passing Score?

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Are You Ready to Take Microsoft AZ-304 Test and Use Practice Tests to Get High Passing Score?

Are you determined to leverage your career and win an international accreditation that will differentiate you from other candidates? Considering that cloud computing is one of the trendiest technologies right now, the best investment that you can make in your professional future is to attain the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification which can be obtained after passing two exams. Their codes are AZ-303 and AZ-304. In this article, we are going to talk about the requirements you need to fulfill if you want to be eligible for assessment AZ-304. Keep reading the paragraphs below and find out how you can get ready to get the passing score in your AZ-304 test.

Do You Possess Necessary Skills for AZ-304 Exam?

As you know now the certification path for Azure Solutions Architect includes two exams AZ-303, and AZ-304 respectively. Each of them has a different set of conditions and tests different skills in candidates. When it comes to AZ-304 test, you will have greater chances to pass it if you possess in-depth knowledge of networking, data platform, and virtualization concepts. Also, if you are skilled in Azure Administration, then your chances to pass AZ-304 exam are even greater.

Finally, your experience in Azure DevOps operations and development processes will also differentiate you from other candidates. The first domain tested in AZ-304 exam is dedicated to monitoring design.

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It covers around 15% of the total questions and targets the candidates’ knowledge of cost optimization, logging, and monitoring solutions design. The second topic where you will need to excel for AZ-304 assessment is dedicated to identity and security design and covers 25% of all exam content.

You will have to be proficient in designing security for different apps, handle authentication features, authorization, and governance.

The third domain is dedicated to data storage design with an overall 20% of all the exam content whereas the fourth topic tests your ability to develop a comprehensive business continuity plan covering 15% of the test. This domain implies that it is essential to develop backup and recover solutions for the enterprise you are working for. The final topic included in AZ-304 exam handles infrastructure and compute solutions design.

This domain weighs 25% in the total test questions and it evaluates your knowledge of network solutions and application architecture. As you can see for yourself, the assessment is quite tough. So, you will need to use different preparation materials if you want to be street ahead in your AZ-304 test. Apart from the Microsoft official training, you can also use study guides, whitepapers, and accurate practice tests to help you get a more practical perspective over each exam topic.


The Microsoft AZ-304 is the final exam that you need to take before you become a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert. If you are determined to have a successful career in cloud computing, you will need to take your training seriously. Your success is guaranteed if you combine the Microsoft official resources with practice tests. They will help you get both theoretical and practical experience in the test domains.


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